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ODD Johannes in the cadastral territory Ryžovna in the Ore Mountains

I. General provisions

  1. The owner of the mineshaft Johannes is the town of Bozi Dar, represented by Ing. Jan Miner, mayor of the town.
  2. The Johannes Mine Adit is operated by the Služby Boží Dar s.r.o. company, represented by Blanka Nováková, managing director.
  3. Direct operation of the mineshaft Johannes during the opening hours is carried out by appointed persons. These manage the personnel who operate the ticket office and guide visitors and are bound to oversee the compliance with all rules applicable to the operation of the mineshaft.
  4. All people present in the mineshaft Johannes as part of guided activities (visitors, workers ensuring the operation of guided activities, other persons) are obliged to follow the instructions of the owner, operator and by authorized persons and this Visitor Rules.

II. Opening hours of the mineshaft Johannes

  1. Opening hours at the mineshaft Johannes begin on 1.5 and finish on 30.9.
  2. The times of tours are set by the operator and presented at the sales points and on website.
  3. When necessary an authorized person is entitled to amend the start of the tour, visitors must be informed of the change, and information on the changes must be posted at the Service House in a visible place.

III. Tour

  1. The tour is started at the Service House, where the visitor with paid fee is provided with basic protective equipment (gloves,a raincoat, a helmet with a lamp) and undergoes initial security training.
  2. Then the tour goes along a forest path to the mouth of the mineshaft Johannes, where a visitor enters the underground. In the mine itself the tour is led by a guide. After exiting the underground the journey goes along a forest path to the replica of the historic windlass and back to the Service House where a visitor submits protective equipment.

IV. Entrance fees

  1. Entrance fees are set by the operator and presented at the sales points and on website.

V. Visitors duties

  1. The visitors are only allowed to move around the mineshaft Johannes accompanied by a guide or other authorized person.
  2. During the tour all visitors are required to comply with the following operating and safety measures:
    1. a ban on smoking and littering or other pollution of the guided tours,
    2. a ban on touching and handling with wiring and other equipment in the mineshaft, Johannes,
    3. a ban on leaving the group and off-route tours to inaccessible parts of the underground of the mineshaft Johannes, without the guide’s knowledge
    4. a ban on touching the exhibits and manipulating with them,
    5. a ban on interference of the explanation and disturbing the animal species by loud speaking and other noise in the underground
    6. obligation to take extra care (access forest paths, roads in the mine, steel steps, ladders etc.),
    7. obligation to stop during failure of electric lighting and follow the guide’s instructions,
    8. intoxicated people are not allowed to enter the underground of the mineshaft Johannes
  3. Taking animals to the underground of the mineshaft Johannes is prohibited.
  4. For safety reasons and for reasons of conservation, visitors are banned from the premises of the mineshaft Johannes outside the opening hours of the relevant calendar year.

VI. Obligations of the authorized employee

  1. The authorized employee must not let anyone on the tour route and underground of the mineshaft Johannes without a guide. Exceptions are granted only by authorized persons (listed in the Operating Rules of Johannes ODD).
  2. For fire and safety reasons the maximum permissible number of all persons who are currently on tour route and in the underground of the mineshaft Johannes is 15 people. The authorized person must keep track of the number of employees and visitors on the tour route and in the underground of the mineshaft Johannes. If another group of visitors should enter the underground and exceed the total allowed number of persons, this group cannot be admitted and must wait outside the entrance to the underground.

VII. Final provisions

  1. Valid version of internal regulations is available from an authorized employee; these visitor rules are also available at ticket sales and on the website of the mineshaft.
  2. Visitors who do not respect the provisions of these visitor rules will be banished from the tour without refund.