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Booking: Infocentrum • Boží Dar 1

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Warning – you shall only arrive at the mineshaft with a valid reservation and paid entrance fee. Payment on the spot is not possible.

The journey from Bozi Dar

From Bozi Dar go (by car, by bike) along the road towards Ryžovna. At the pond Myslivna turn right onto Zlaty Kopec (Golden Hill).

After about 4 km ride through the woods you will see a large map with the logo of the Silver Trail on your right. You can park your car near the board on the designated parking area for the time of tour. Walk for about 200 meters to the Service House, where a guide will be waiting for you.

By bikes you can reach the Service House, where you can leave them and lock them (at your own risk, not guarded) during the tour.

From Bozi Dar you can also walk to the mineshaft, the journey is 5.5 km long. Walk along the “Jeziskova cesta” trail, after the snack stall "Krmelec" do not turn, but walk straight down the road Kaffenberská. Walk up to the mineshaft but you have to walk down to the Service House first.

In the Service House you will be provided with helmets, lamps, boots, raincoats and disposable gloves. The journey from the Service House to the mineshaft is quite steep and takes about 15 minutes.

You can get the route map to the mineshaft Johannes at the info center in Bozi Dar in the square, or you can print it out from the web.

Service House– the beginning of the tour

50°25'58.722"N, 12°52'16.867"E / 50.4329786N, 12.8713522E

Entrance to the mineshaft Johannes

50°26'5.814"N, 12°52'9.400"E / 50.4349486N, 12.8692778E

Replica of a windlass

50°26'10.358"N, 12°52'5.546"E / 50.4362108N, 12.8682075E