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Conditions of entry to the Johannes Adit

Guided tours are physically demanding and you need proper equipment to pass them. Guided tours are not recommended for those bulky because of the narrow passage profile.

The maximum number of visitors in a group is 10 people.

For safety reasons, only one person can not be accompanied.

Entry to the adit is prohibited for:

  • Children under the age of 10 years (should the real age of the child be concealed and the child will be "made older", then, legal representatives of the child will bear full responsibility)
  • People with claustrophobia
  • People with health (movement) problems and problems with balancing
  • Intoxicated people
  • Dogs and other animals

Prices tours

  Basic Guided Tour Great Guided Tour
Basic entrance fee 350 CZK 490 CZK
Children (10 – 15 years old), students (Student ID Card), people over 60 years old 250 CZK 350 CZK
Family entrance fee (1 – 2 adults and 1 - 2 children) 800 CZK 1 120 CZK
School groups of 6 and more children (price per person) 200 CZK 280 CZK
Group to 10 persons (price per group) 2 500 CZK 3 500 CZK

Online booking

Basic Guided Tour

Total time of 2.5 hours, includes a 60-minute tour through the underground of the mine, a walk to the windlass and back to the Service House. Caution: the ascend from the servise building to the Johannes mineshaft takes 10-15 minutes!

Great Guided Tour

Total time of the tour is 2,5-3,5 hours. It means 2-2,5 hours under the ground, including a big chamber, labyrinth of smaller chambers and shafts, return to the windlass by climbing a ladder (approximately 40 m) and walk back to the service building. Caution: the ascend from the servise building to the Johannes mineshaft takes 10-15 minutes!

Maximum number of visitors (people) in one tour is 10.

Opening hours

Season 1.5. - 30.9.
Basic Guided Tour   daily from 9:30, 12:00, 14:30 only Tuesday  
Great Guided Tour  14:30 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  

Advice for visitors

In the mineshaft the average annual temperature in the bottom is 7°C, it is quite wet and when it is raining outside, water flows through the mineshaft and down its walls.

We recommend warm "outdoor" clothing, including warm socks and boots. Visitors must reckon with the possible contamination of their clothing.

Visitors before entering the mine are provided free of charge with:

  • Safety helmets with lamps.
  • Raincoats and gloves.
  • Boots, if you do not have your own ones.

In the vicinity of the mineshaft Johannes coverage of mobile operators is very poor. Get all necessary information and tour itinerary in advance.