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The Johannes adit - opened again from 29 April 2017
The Johannes adit - opened again from 29 April 2017
The Johannes adit - opened again from 29 April 2017

What's new?

  • April 12
    We are opened again since 29 April
    12, April
    The Johannes adit is opened again since 29 April 2017. You can choose from two tours – the basic guided tour and the great...

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  • August 05
    Longer Tours
    05, August
    Tours of the mine Johannes on Golden Hill near Bozi Dar will be prolonged until 31 August. This has been authorized by the Agency for Nature and...

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The Mineshaft Johannes - important information to visitors

 visitors  hours  temperature
age limit of 10 years
maximum group size
of 10 people
Open daily from 04/29 to 08/31
tours from 9:30, 12:00 and 14:30 
time of tour 2.5 hours
temperature in the shaft is 7 ° C
visitors must have warm clothing
and protective equipment
The history of ore mining in the Ore Mountains on both sides of the Czech-Saxon border has lasted for more than 800 years. The mineshaft Johannes is located in one of the most remarkable ore areas in the Czech Republic, in the skarn district of Golden Hill, which is a part of a joint Czech-German nomination for inclusion on the World Heritage List. The largest mine in the Golden Hill - Kaff district was the mineshaft Johannes. This is an exceptionally well-preserved complex of historical mines where the old miners dug enormous underground chambers, which are rarely seen elsewhere in the world. The mineshaft Johannes invites you to its underground. In this historical mine you shall walk through the 500-year-old history in 2 hours.


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